Friday, December 4, 2009

Summer of Love - meh, not so much.

I sympathize with what equality-minded New Yorkers are feeling this week as their spineless state senators voted against equal rights for their second-class citizens (aka - gays and lesbians).  We went through the same thing in California last year with Prop-H8.

I remember waking up after election day, opening my web browser to review the vote counts, and feeling my heart fall completely out of my chest.  All the talking heads on the news were pontificating on how Obama's election meant that finally, FINALLY every child in America could dream of being the President and make it happen.

Yeah, well... not so much if you are gay or lesbian.  Or frankly, a woman, a latino, and asian... or god forbid (literally), an atheist, or muslim, or buddhist, sigh.. the list is pretty long isn't it?

Anyway, this week's NY senate vote reminded me of a wonderful post by my favorite 82 y.o. blogger, Helen Philpot. 

Summer of Love

We often say that if we are patient, we second-class citizens will finally achieve equality when the older generation "goes gently into the night."  Helen is living proof that we should listen more to our elders.  

Check it out, it's worth a re-read.

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