Thursday, February 4, 2010

Don't Age, Don't Tell

Anyone who thought John Stewart and The Daily Show would become irrelevant after Bush Jr was voted out of office was sadly mistaken.  There is still enough foolishness and ignorance in Congress to keep us tragically amused for decades.

Case in point is this recent clip regarding Sen. McCain's flip-flop on the Don't Ask-Don't Tell policy.  A couple of years ago, Sen. McCain asserted the Senate would listen to the military leadership and when they said the policy should be overturned, then he would follow their lead.  Now that we have a Democrat in the White House and are FINALLY see a smidgen of movement to overturn that disgusting policy, Sen McCain is being his usual contrarian, sore-loser self.

John Oliver has the opinion that it's just Sen. McCain age-related memory loss causing the discrepancy.  Perhaps it's time for banning openly old people from serving in the Senate?

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This is my favorite part.  Quote:
This is not about the old guys in the Senate as individuals.  This about the people in the Senate who have to work beside them.  It affects Senate cohesion.  These Senators work long days in close quarters.  It's not fair to the other Senators trying to work on legislation, never knowing if one of the "olds" is going to sneak up behind them and offer them a piece of hard candy.

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